BioBright Biological Liquids and Air Fresheners


Sachets has launched BioBright, a new brand of biological liquid cleaners and air fresheners.  BioBright biological liquids will give you and your customers peace of mind that your bathroom will always be clean, hygienic and fresh at exceptional value.  Additionally, using our Herbal Air Freshener sachets will boost the impression of cleanliness to the customer long after the cleaner has left.  When coupled with BioBright Biological Blocks and Powders, Sachets can offer you a one-stop shop, simple cleaning system that will be easy to train and cheap to administer.


The action of the liquid has the following benefits:


§         Safety - The liquid is safe and replaces environmentally hazardous cleaners and is therefore easy to use, store and transport.

§         Reduced blockages by keeping drains, traps and pipelines clean and clear

§         Digests waste such as oil, protein, fat, starch and other solid organic waste materials

§         Deodorises – removal of uric salt and bio film build-up on all surfaces, reduction or elimination of bad odours.

§         Versatility – our cleaner acts as a great multi-purpose solution when in concentrated form.  Our 5 ltr cartons provide a great solution for cleaning tiles, sinks, carpets, upholstery etc.   Our trigger spray can be used as an effective glass/mirror cleaner when used with a good quality microfibre cloth.

§         Reduced Maintenance Costs - using straightforward bio-technology, BioBright products substantially reduce routine maintenance costs.

§         Environmental Impact - the BioBright products are biodegradeable and should not be used in conjunction with anti-bacterial / bleaching products which are significantly more harmful to the environment.

§         Hygiene – BioBright’s unique bio-enzymes are highly effective at removing harmful bacteria from all surfaces.




BioBright Biological Liquids clean, sanitise and deodorise, fighting odours and dirt around the clock. The Liquids are biodegradable, safe for the environment and are always affordable.


The Range

We manufacture a range of BioBright Biological Liquids targeted at specific cleaning jobs.  Our competitive price and quality should exceed your customers’ expectations.




Fragrance/ Colour

# pack

BioBright Biological Multi-Surface Cleaner 750ml trigger spray

Can be used for cleaning floors, showers, sinks, urinals, tiled areas, carpets, fabrics, etc


Biological action degrades waste such as mould, grease, wine, oil, fats, etc. and eliminates odours


Blend of specialised bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaners which digest organic waste traditional cleaners fail to remove.


Spray on to soiled area, rub as required with damp cloth, do not rinse, allow to dry slowly


Herbal/ Green




6 x 750ml

BioBright Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 1 litre

Can be used for cleaning floors, showers, sinks, urinals, tiled areas, carpets, fabrics, laundry, drains/ pipes, etc.


Biological action degrades waste such as mould, grease, oil, fats, wine, etc. and eliminates odours.


A concentrated blend of specialised bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaners which digest organic waste traditional cleaners fail to remove

General Cleaning – Use diluted, 60ml in half a bucket of hand hot water for cleaning floors, showers, sinks, urinals, tiled areas, etc.  Do not rinse and allow to dry slowly.


Odours – Use diluted, 50% solution in a trigger spray with hand hot water.   Spray soiled area and leave wet.


Carpets – Spot clean with neat solution, then sponge with hand hot water to remove deep down stains in carpets, fabrics and laundry.  Use as a normal cleaner in carpet shampoo equipment.  The biological action digests waste and stains and removes unpleasant odours.


Pipe Cleaning – A nightly neat squirt into the kitchen and bathroom sinks keeps drains and pipe work clean and clear of organic residue and unpleasant odours.


Herbal/ Green



9 x 1ltr

BioBright Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 5 litre

As per 1 ltr above

Herbal/ Green



2 x 5ltr

BioBright Herbal Air Freshener

75gm sachets

Herbal/ Green

180 x 75gm



For more information on specific BioBright Biological Liquids and Air Fresheners please follow the link to our Janitorial range in the Products and Services pages.




Product Performance

The BioBright Biological Liquids match or better the brand leader in biological activity and product life.  Each product contains the specialised bacteria and biodegradeable cleaners.  Our products are specifically designed to clean sinks, showers, floors, drains, tiled surfaces, carpets and fabric.  On draining into the waste pipe and drain system it degrades organic residual soil such as grease, oil, fats, etc., in the sanitary pipe system all the way to the sewage plant, where it enhances biological activity and improves the efficiency of the sewage treatment plant.  BioBright eliminates odours emanating from sinks, drains, toilets, urinals etc.,so your customers will always get as good as if not better hygiene and cleanliness than their current product.


Information Packs and Samples

Call us on 0845 207 4422  for more information and/or sample BioBright Biological products.


Contract Manufacturing

We are experienced in contract manufacturing branded or private label products of the right quality, action, strength and packaging type for customers around the world.  Call us on 0845 207 4422  to discuss your contract manufacturing requirements or find out more about our capabilities.


Ordering is Simple

Remember, it’s easy to order from Sachets.  Orders can be placed during working hours, Monday – Thursday 8:00 – 17:00, Friday 8:00-15:00.  Call our order line now 0845 207 4422  or fax us on 0161 751 7006.


We aim to be the most flexible company for you to deal with.  We serve large and small customers, keeping minimum order quantities as low as possible and supporting mixed pallets where possible.   We despatch 90% of orders within 72 hours and 100% of all orders are fulfilled within 14 days of order placement.  We pride ourselves on ensuring you keep your shelves stocked with the minimum inventory.