Contract Packing Services


Sachets Ltd has been manufacturing for over 20 years.  We have several packing services and options for customers seeking their own label products.   Below is information regarding each of our production lines and the own label options available.


Contact Chris on 0845 207 4422 or  email

Wet Wipes – multipacks from 20 – 100 wipes

We are able to offer packing services for a wide range of pack sizes.  Our wipe size is fixed at 180-210mm x 165mm.  A wide variety of materials are possible subject to order volumes.   Should you have your own liquid formulations we will happily use these on our line, subject to H&S reviews.   We start private labelling from low order minimums so please contact us for information on this.

Individual Powder Sachets

We have many options for packing powder in sachets from 5g – 200g.  The sachets can be packed in a variety of ways.  Ask for more information.  The options we have on sachets are:

-       easy tear paper / PE laminate

-       Polythene / PE laminates

-       Tea Bag material for breathable powder products

-       Water soluble sachets

-       Gel based sachets with easy peel labels to expose the gel

Biological Blocks

Biological blocks can be formulated with bacteria specially selected for the application.  Typically we use bran or sugar based carriers for our bacteria.   The bacteria can be included at high percentage weights and our process allows us to retain very high spore counts after manufacture, something many manufacturers struggle to achieve.  Out biological applications are:

-       Channel Blocks

-       Waterless Urinal Cartridges

-       Sticks for dosing tanks/ reservoirs/pipework

-       Cistern Blocks

Gel Air Fresheners

We can offer your own labels and fragrances on our gel base air freshener line.  See Sachets Air Fresheners for examples.  We can vary the gel weights, fragrances and labelling to meet your requirements.  We also offer multipacks of twins, triples and quads in a variety of finished outer packaging which includes display trays and boxes.

Cistern and Rim Blocks

Our formulations use the best ingredients.  Each block lasts weeks which is typically 6-10 times as long as most imported blocks.  We can offer your own label blister cards, bio-degradable cartons, fragrances and colours on our block lines.

Channel / Urinal Blocks

Our channel blocks lines are very flexible.  We can offer 1-2kg buckets and 2.5-3.5kg buckets of blocks.  Buckets can be left blank, labelled or printed, subject to volumes and customer requirements.  We can provide:

-       standard non-pDCB channel blocks available in a range of colours and block sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

-       Block formulations typically require the “irritant” labelling, however we do have non-irritant formulations available