Sachets EasyClean is a revolutionary set of non-toxic cleaning products designed for people who want to use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Sachets EasyClean is chlorine and ammonia free with no added perfumes or fragrance.

Non-toxic cleaning products include high-efficiency laundry pre-soak, all purpose cleaner, kitchen and bathroom cleaners; and you only need one tea bag size sachet of powder to accomplish all these tasks.

This revolutionary cleaning powder is so versatile and so powerful that it can literally replace up to 99% of the cleaning products you are using now.


Unlike most of the cleaners currently available on market that contain hazardous chemicals.

Sachets EasyClean is a safe and more environmentally friendly product to use  at work, around the kitchen and at home.

Just think of the clutter you will get rid of and all the products you won’t have to carry around as you go about your daily cleaning routine.

This is good for your business or home, and good for our environment!

For more information on why Sachets EasyClean is the perfect choice for your business click here.

You can feel good about using Sachets EasyClean as it is safe, effective and costs much less to use when compared to all the products you are no doubt using now.

It will not harm you, your family or your pets as there are no bleaches, toxins, corrosive or caustic materials.  It is a 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly product that you can be proud of using!

Take a look at the cleaning guide, follow this link,  easyclean cleaning guide.

See how making Sachets EasyClean your cleaning product of choice will make a difference in your own business or home environment, as well as to our home planet!



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Target Market

• Government/ MOD/ Local authorities/ Schools/ Prisons/ Police

• Hospitals/ NHS Trusts

• Businesses including factories, hotel/ restaurant chains

• Commercial cleaning companies.

Easy Clean All Purpose Cleaner


Easy Clean Antibacterial Cleaner