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1 Air Care
Sachets range of air freshening and deodoriser gel based products which are manufactured to match or better the brand leaders at great value for money.
2 Bathroom Fresh
Sachets bathroom cleaning products include Sanicare Blue, Green and Bleach Loo blocks. They are manufactured to perform well and are great value for money.
3 Wipes
Sanicare Surface wipes, great for disinfecting and Simply Baby is Sachets brand for baby care products. Products are of the highest quality, manufactured from the best materials to a very high specification.
4 Janitorial Range
Our BioBright and Sachets janitorial ranges include Biological liquids, non-PDCB blocks and Urinal Trap purge products.
5 Other & Services
Sachets is also asked by customers to repack imported goods or to manufacture special products.
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