Sanicare Hygienic Cistern Blocks


Sachets have launched the new Sanicare Cistern Blocks range and have added bleach blocks to the range for the first time to give customers comfort in the knowledge that their toilets will always be well cleaned.

   The range is broad.  Sanicare blocks are available in 2,4 and 6 pack variants in Green Blue and Bleach.





Sanicare Hygienic Cistern Blocks clean, foam, and freshen the bowl with every flush. The effect is long lasting and fights odours and dirt around the clock. They are safe to use with any cleaner or bleaches used in the bowl and harmless with all types of plumbing and sceptic tanks.

The Sanicare range are produced to a higher specification than the Sachet's old Blue and Green Loo products; the blister cards are thicker, the PVC blisters are thicker and they come in forward-facing shelf-ready packaging.


The Blue and Green cistern blocks allow the customer to see the freshness and cleanliness with every flush,

as their toilets water colours to a hygienic blue or green. The water colour lets the customer know when it is time to replace their cistern block.

The bleach cistern blocks have extra cleaning power using chlorine-based cleaning agents.

Sanicare products are environmentally friendly: they are biodegradable and there are no empty bottles to remove.


All Sanicare products:              


  • Clean,
  • Foam, and
  • Sanitise with every flush
  • Made in the UK


The Green Cistern Blocks:

  • Colour the water green with every flush
  • Have a pine fragrance


The Blue Cistern Blocks:

  • Colour the water blue with every flush
  • Have a pacific breeze fragrance


The Bleach Cistern Blocks:

  •  Have extra cleaning power
  •  Have chlorine-based cleaning agents




The Range

Sachets manufacture Sanicare products in several pack sizes and packaging combinations.  So you will always be able to choose the most profitable combination that fits your market and fills the right gap in your toilet cleaning range, at the right price. 



Pack sizes





·       2

·       4

·       6

·       Flats

·      Blistercards

·      Shelf ready packaging



  Product Performance

  The Sanicare cistern block formulation matches or betters the brand leader in active ingredients per flush and product life. 

  Each block contains more than 25% surfactante and less than 5% disinfectant.  So your customers will always get as

  good as if not better hygiene and cleanliness than their current product.


Information Packs and Samples

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Contract Manufacturing

We are experienced in contract manufacturing branded or private label products of the right quality, action, strength and packaging type for customers around the world.  Call us on 0845 207 4422  to discuss your contract manufacturing requirements or find out more about our capabilities.


Ordering is Simple

Remember, it’s easy to order from Sachets.  Orders can be placed during working hours, Monday – Thursday 8:00 – 17:00, Friday 8:00-15:00.  Call our order line now 0845 207 4422  or fax us on 0161 751 7006.


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