One sachet, when mixed with water will turn into a litre of grease busting, stain neutralizing, cost effective cleaning product that will match or beat your current product.  Simply spray on any surface and you will be astonished how effectively EasyClean cuts through the toughest tasks without the use of harsh chemical cleaners.



EasyClean products are unbelievably effective in all cleaning tasks.  Use them:

-          at home or work,  in or on your vehicle, boat or aircraft, and

-          especially in industrial and commercial premises.


EasyClean can be used in all types of cleaning equipment from commercial vehicle washes, floor scrubber driers and carpet shampooers to basic mopping and trigger sprays. 


EasyClean is:

-          1 product for 100s of cleaning tasks

-          Over 700 times more weight efficient, eliminating of costly transportation,

-          Over 600 times more space efficient, leading to massive reduction in warehousing costs

-          the perfect product to utilise harvested rainwater

-          easy to control stock usage and shrinkage


EasyClean is different. 

Just about every popular cleaner on your merchants or grocer's shelf contains caustic, even toxic chemicals; compounds which biodegrade slowly and incompletely. Further, these cleaners typically contain colatile organic compounds that deplete the ozone layer.  


Not only is EasyClean an environmentally friendly cleaner, but it significantly reduces the carbon emissions associated with transportation.  This is made very apparent when you think of a 24 pallet lorry.


  A 24 pallet lorry typically contains around 15000 trigger sprays bottles, roughly 11,500 litres of cleaning fluid.


  To compare, the same lorry carrying EasyClean sachets will deliver up to 1.4 million trigger sprays and up to  6.9 million litres of general cleaning liquid    

  (depending upon the cleaning task).




Call us now! You cannot afford to ignore the benefits of EasyClean.