Ignite Pro Valet Car Wipes

Sachets launches new Ignite Pro Valet car care wipes.  These are market leading lotions, develo

Eveready Household Surface Wipes

Sachets launches new Eveready brand.    The range is growing.  Starting with the

NEW! Toilet Blocks

Sachets have launched the new Sanicare Cistern Blocks range and have added bleach blocks to the rang

Sanicare Anti-Viral Wipes

Sachets launch their own brand of Sanicare Anti-Viral Multi-Surface Wipes.  Proven to 99.9999%
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Welcome to Sachets

We have a high quality range and have invested heavily over recent years to ensure we continue to deliver great value for our customers.  Take a look at our range for 2018. This year sees some significant new wet wipe brands, Everfresh Cosmetic Wipes, Eveready household wipes and Ignite Pro Valet Car care wipes.   Sachets' production facilities are certified to BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products Personal Care and Household Issue 4 and to ISO 9001.2008.


Branded and Own Label Manufacturers for over 30 years

We are a long standing business with a strong customer base and an excellent track record in branded and own brand product development and manufacturing.  Get to know us and our products better by following the information links in the menu above.



Our strengths are, firstly, our ability to develop innovative production lines to deliver high quality, brand matching products efficiently and secondly our focus on customer service leading to high availability of products with short lead times.   For more information on our contract packaging services please follow this link.


With An Ever Widening Range of Household, Janitorial and Baby Care Products


Everfresh Baby Wipes

Everfresh Adult and Kids Flushable Moist Toilet Tissue.

Eveready Household Surface Wipes


Ignite Pro Valet Car Wipes



Eveready Household Wipes                  Ignite Pro Valet Car Care Wipes



Toilet flushes;  Sanicare Blocks,

Blue Loo, Green Loo and Bleach Loo.



Sachets Air Fresheners .See our current range of market leading gels.


Janitorial Supplies incluing non-pDCB Channel Blocks and unblock your pipework using Sachets Urinal Trap Purge 


Biological cleaning products

- liquid cleaners, air fresheners,  &

- channel blocks, Urinal Trap Purge, and cistern blocks.



EasyClean powder sachets, measured for your cleaning task. Truly innovative and replaces 99% of household cleaners. Why transport water!!!!!

High quality Simply Baby Wipes.  See our Latest News.


Sanicare anti-viral surface wipes.  Professional disinfection available at affordable prices.  Certified to the highest level.


Worldwide Exports

u     We supply wholesalers and retailers around the world.

u    We can quickly tailor our products for you and your customers

u    No matter where you are,  Contact Us for further information.


Contract Manufacturing

u     Follow this link for more details.

u     Do you want a true partnership?

u    Delivering unbeatable value and quality

u    With high availability

u    Where ordering is simple

u    And lead times are short, Contact Us for further information.



On this site you will find information related to our products, services and history. Please spend some time looking at what we have to offer. If you want any information that is not available on this site then please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with our Sales & Marketing department who are ready to help you.